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Shortly about the country


The Dominican Republic is a rare combination of soft climate without winter, the liberal legislation for the foreigners and friendly customs. This country has perfect ecology, the very beautiful nature and well-developed service. There are excellent ready housing projects and roads. There is also the biggest in the world the range of fresh vegetables and fruit, tasty and various food.

The main part of the foreigners who is doing business or who has bought here real estate lives in coastal areas all over the country. There are areas where there have been formed the big Russian, French, Italian or Chinese associations.

The most attractive areas for living, rest and work is the capital Santo Domingo, and also the southern part of the country Casa de Campo, Punta Cana, Bavaro. There is a multilingualism, the admirable landscapes and beaches.

About 3 million people live in Santo Domingo, it has the full list of attributes of the large modern city: housing from the economy class to a premium class, educational institutions (including English-speaking ones), trade and business centers, salons, shops and restaurants of the international brands, clinics and consultations, the subway and the national airport. Near Santo Domingo there are the resorts of Boca Chica and Juan Dolio.

At the distance of a little more than an hour of a driving, near the city La Romana, there is a unique complex Casa de Campo. It was constructed by the principle of the individual city about 35 years ago, it offers to the people living here each element of a luxury range. They are protection system, landscaping, professional sports grounds, the automobile, pedestrian, bicycle and golf car networks, helipads, the mooring, a private beach, pools, five-stars hotel, a supermarket, shops, salons, cafe, restaurants, banks, conference rooms, a movie theater. Just from Casa de Campo begins the shortest sea way to the Catalina Island, and it is very close from here to the Saone Island. In 10 minutes of a car driving there is an international airport. As well as in the capital here is a port accepting tourist ocean liners. By the right Casa de Campo occupies a niche of the most respectable and conservative Caribbean resort.

The cities of Punta Cana and Bavaro can be considered as a single one. There are well-known white beaches and many large hotels. Punta Cana and Bavaro are being built even now. As well as the capital they are the busiest places in the country all the year round. The local airport accepts 89 transcontinental flights every day. In Bavaro there is the largest Russian community, there is an orthodox parish and the restaurants with Russian cuisine.

The richest agricultural zones are located in the central part of the country, round the city of Santiago with the developed infrastructure. There are settlements Harabacoa and Constance with mountain climate where it is always cool due to the tropical measures.

The city Puerta Plata (which has the large airport) and neighboring Sosua and Kabarete are in the north. These places were the first resorts in the country. The economy of these areas is under constant pressure from new tourist zones, such as Punta Cana/Bavaro and Samana.

Samana and Las Terrenas are modern investment Mecca of the Dominican Republic. In the last 5 years excellent roads from Santo Domingo and Punta Cana/ Bavaro to Samana have been constructed. This and also the existence of its own airport, reserved fauna, proximity to picturesque Cayo Levantao and a place of arrival of humpbacked whales on spawning defined a new wave of its development, including the construction of the first in the country seven-star hotel.

And still the country has many places with the virgin nature and its miracles.