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Our rules

The rules are created with the purpose to support the confidential, valid, mutually beneficial and long-term relations with our clients and partners. We ask you to read this section and to discuss with us any ambiguous question. We guarantee our observance of these standard but very important points. The address to us means your agreement with underwritten policy.

  1. The client agrees to inform the reliable name and a surname, in exchange for similar information from our side. We are obliged to keep confidentiality of any client’s data, which will be known to us during our collaborative work.
  2. The clients make thrifty use of any property rented with our participation and our help.
  3. The clients respect the general rules about our commission, as agent, regardless of the one who is the payer of the commission: a seller or a buyer, a lessor or a lessee. The client can always request and receive from us the exact information according to the sum of the commission and other essential details. The commission always has the standard sizes and a clear way of its calculation.
  4. The client receives the whole known to us information about object of purchase or rent.
  5. Both sides agree that any their purposes are within the law.

Thank you!