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Customer information

In the Dominican Republic for all stages of registration of the property rights and of real property holding (as well as other assets) the availability of any permission or other documents except the passport of the Customer isn't required. A customer can be both local and the foreign company or an individual.

The process of real estate purchase which we completely accompany:

  • Шаг 1: Step 1: To contact us for making a list of villas for viewing
  • Шаг 2: Step 2: To define the date and to view villas (You can charge us the preparation of your visit)
  • Шаг 3: Step 3: To hold a meeting for discussion of some details with the owner of the chosen villa
  • Шаг 4: Step 4: To receive a package of documents of the chosen villa (copy) and to check it
  • Шаг 5: Step 5: To issue the contract at the notary officer and to pay purchase
  • Шаг 6: Step 6: To receive the state registration addressed to the new owner

The expenses, connected with purchase and a villa possession, are given in the table below:

Commission for purchase   It is paid by the seller
Notary services  0,25% - 1%*
Registration addressed to the new owner  about 3%*
Annual real estate tax  It is calculated by the formula**

* The percent is calculated proceeding from the official estimated cost of real estate, which is always below the actual one
** On practice for expensive villa it is about 2000-3000 dollars a year

ATTENTION: availability of the property rights to real estate confers the right on getting residence permit and citizenship at the owner’s request. Getting the citizenship of the Dominican Republic doesn't demand the refusal of citizenship of other countries (one or several).