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Villas in Casa de Campo


In the Dominican Republic there is the resort known as the most luxurious one in all Caribbean water area – «Casa de Campo». Casa de Campo admires with a beauty of its landscape and refinement of the public, with the full list of the first-class infrastructure and the services which are put together. Each of thousands of villas constructed here is magnificent. In carefully guarded territory there are the best in the country and in the region sports grounds, the VIP equipped beach-club and pools, restaurants, the concert and walking zones, the well-known marine, the shops and a movie theater, the sea link and helicopter services.

«Art Villa Dominicana» has chosen this place to illustrate to the exacting clients the special and the fullest choice of de lux villas for rent and purchase, having provided thus the unprecedented prices.

Our advantages

We offer maintenance service of your visit to the Dominican Republic to make it easy and successful. We help you to reach the planned go by the simplest and more effective way. We help you to eliminate a linguistic divide, to see more, to find the necessary and to receive the best price.

Rent of villas or apartments, organization of transfers, sporting or entertaining events, purchase of the real estate or other property, development of projects and professional construction, investments of any form and size, personnel selection.






How do we help our clients?

You can reduce an expense of time, forces and funds, having the ally in the country which is new to you. The elegant solutions, which are noticeable only by the person with relevant experience, can be found. The guest stops being the tourist and becomes the insider. Thus, taking one right step after another, you appear to be closer to your goal.

It is always pleasant for us to give help. There are no restrictions on task complexity or task rate which are set to us. And at the same time we respond even to small inquiry. When you call us or just write, you do not owe us. You pay our commission only for the resolved task.

If it is necessary our opportunities allow to involve a support and to get advice from the law firms which have a brilliant reputation. We help to address directly to the ministries of the country and to the officials of the Dominican Republic, and also to consider the essential nuances of the legislation. We look for the legal forms of tax cut.


The Dominican Republic is the beautiful country, and especially for those who know a lot about it and about its rules. Your partners’ professionalism and work with exact information will allow you to specify/adapt and realize all the details of your plan.

Certainly, we speak Russian and Ukrainian, and also Spanish and English.


The Dominican Republic is a rare combination of soft climate without winter, the liberal legislation for the foreigners and friendly customs. This country has perfect ecology, the very beautiful nature and well-developed service. There are excellent ready housing projects and roads. There is also the biggest in the world the range of fresh vegetables and fruit, tasty and various food.

The main part of the foreigners who is doing business or who has bought here real estate lives in coastal areas all over the country. There are areas where there have been formed the big Russian, French, Italian or Chinese associations.

The most attractive areas for living, rest and work is the capital Santo Domingo, and also the southern part of the country Casa de Campo, Punta Cana, Bavaro. There is a multilingualism, the admirable landscapes and beaches.

About 3 million people live in Santo Domingo, it has the full list of attributes of the large modern city: housing from the economy class to a premium class, educational institutions (including English-speaking ones), trade and business centers, salons, shops and restaurants of the international brands, clinics and consultations, the subway and the national airport. Near Santo Domingo there are the resorts of Boca Chica and Juan Dolio.


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